Oboe Reed Making

Got Reeds?

The sound of the oboe is produced in the reed, so having good reeds is vital to being a good oboist! Beginning oboists usually purchase commercial reeds or reeds made by a professional.

Students who have completed 6th grade may begin learning to make their own reeds. They also learn to adjust commercial reeds to play better.

    Making oboe reeds allows a student to:

    • Achieve a better tone
    • Play better in tune
    • Have oboe reeds that are more consistent
    • Have oboe reeds that feel more comfortable
    • Save money – the initial investment in reed-making equipment quickly pays for itself, since the cost of making oboe reeds is far less than that of buying commercial reeds
    • Choose cool thread colors! Over 30 colors to choose from at the studio!

    Students learn 3 stages of oboe reed-making:

    • tying reeds
    • scraping reeds
    • finishing reeds

    Games, rhyming verses and visuals help serve as memory aids and help make the process fun.

    Written materials supplement the hands-on instruction.

    Students grow increasingly independent with the goal of making their own finished oboe reeds. The best motivation is being able to play on reeds they made themselves!

    Advanced students may learn to shape cane.