Summer Study

Summer is a time to relax, enjoy vacation, attend camp, or travel. Many fine music camps and master classes offer students unique opportunities for growth and interaction with other talented musicians (see “Camps” under “Resources”).

For many oboe students who are busy with school and extra-curricular activities during the academic year, summer is an ideal time to learn oboe reed-making. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the less-structured summer months to develop this skill.

Summer opportunities at Ann Lemke Oboe Studio include Summer Oboe Seminar, Oboe Buddies, and private lessons. For the dates, times and fees of these programs, please contact the studio.

Summer Oboe Seminar
Group Instruction

  • Reed-making
  • Ensemble Playing
  • Warm-up
  • Sight-reading
  • Performance Preparation
  • Fun Music Theory!

For: oboists age 12-18
maximum 12 participants
returning participants welcome!

Format: 5 mornings, Monday - Friday, covering

  • tying reeds
  • scraping reeds
  • finishing reeds

As well as warm-up and ensemble, sight-reading, repertoire, daily music theory relays, and special topics such as high notes, trill fingerings, the English horn, and speedy tonguing

Pizza Party and mini ensemble concert on Friday

Oboe Buddies
Small Group Instruction

  • Reed-making
  • Ensemble Playing
  • Warm-up

For: 2-4 oboists at about the same level
Ideal for members of a school section!
Bring your own buddies or join others!

Format: 3 sessions of 90 minutes each cover

  • tying reeds
  • scraping reeds
  • finishing reeds

As well as warm-up and ensemble. Time scheduled on 3 consecutive days helps students build oboe reed-making skills

Private Summer Oboe Lessons
Individualized Instruction

Summertime private study offers these benefits:

  • Better availability and more flexibility for students new to the studio
  • Stay in shape – 4 lessons over the course of the summer recommended
  • Head start for students switching to oboe from another instrument
  • Students entering 7th grade and older can learn oboe reed-making
  • Advanced preparation for students planning college auditions
  • Enjoyment!